To not hear, to not see. 

To glimpse just a souvenir from the outside, of its light, and of its sound.
To forget the world, to forget the other and to be only confronted to the self.

Immersion as the rest for the being. 

Altered senses take us away from reality.
Ears get clogged, sight turns blurred and life does not seem to be the same anymore. 

A new perception, a milder one.

And this peacefulness…
Far from the world, we are digging. 

In this new environment, the other becomes scarce. 

And more importantly, the pellicle transforming itself, little by little all around it, take us away more strenuously. 

Bubbles are crossing each other path, without managing to get melted in a whole.

Here comes the struggle. 

The exhausting effort to get out the water and cling to the earth. 

To born again, having grown from this introspection. 
Or plunge back. In this peacefulness…
Far from the world, we are sinking.

Abysses grow hollow, and welcome the being. 

In the neurosis, they become distorted.