One of the main focuses concerning my photographic researches is the work on memory and heritage in what a frame is able to evoke to the one who looks.


The photographic image guides us in a different temporal space from ours. The time of the frame is not the one in which it is contemplated.The time of the frame is not the one of the frame exposed beside it. And the time of the frame is not necessarily the one of what is revealed there. 

A photograph is a breach to another temporal space, a memory that arises from the frame and leads us on a journey through it. 


The photographic image is therefore spectral, it is a mark from a ghost. 


This is the woman of this photographic series, the spectre.

A "paper ghost"1 going through times. It is a reflection of the past - or of the future. 

It surveys the mutations of places by the embrasures, the shimmers that allow it to manifest itself. 

Stuck in space, time is its only means of travel.

1 - Sontag, Susan, in Sur la photographie, Paris,

Christian Bourgeois Editeur, 1993, p.90